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    Nail Design & Makeup

    30 Cute And Pretty Pink Nail Designs

    From your many times manicure experience, it must have been pink once. Nothing beats pink when it comes to choosing nail designs for everyday wear. Pink is synonymous with tenderness, femininity and sweetness. Light pinks are perfect when you need a solid color that goes with almost anything in your wardrobe, while hot pinks are great for summer and for attracting attention. Glitter is always a girl’s favorite choice. Nothing pairs better with a sweet pink nail color than different kinds of glitter. If you want to enhance the effect of sparkle, you can add large foils or shiny Rhinestones to your design. Below, we’ve featured our favorite pink nail…

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    36 Fashion & Cute Bowknot Nail

    As an important decoration, bowknots have always been associated with feminine beauty. If you are a woman who loves to change up her manicure and wants something modern and fun, consider add cute bowknot to your manicure. You can experiment with various lengths and shapes. So take a scroll through 36 of my favorite bowknot nail ideas, straight from my bookmarks folder, to help inspire your next mani. 1.White Bowknot Simple white bowknot look even cuter when done up with random graffiti. 2.Chanel and Rhinestones Chanel’s dress designing and the addition of rhinestones is very suitable for formal occasions. 3.Soft Purple Nail artist put together this purple manicure with flower…

  • Checkered Nail Designs for 2022 You’ll Want to Try Immediately ;Checkered Nail Designs for 2022 ;Nail Designs for 2022 ;Nail Designs for 2022 ;Nail #CheckeredNailDesignsfor2022You’llWanttoTryImmediately #CheckeredNailDesignsfor2022 #NailDesignsfor2022 #NailDesignsfor2022 #Nail
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    32 Checkered Nail Designs for 2022 You’ll Want to Try Immediately

    The wonderful world of checkers is home to so many fashion and innovative designs.They are the most common design elements in our daily life, such as clothing and decoration, furniture, tableware,toys… In short, he is everywhere in our life. Maybe you have found that checkers print has been a super popular nail trend for a while now. With different combinations and colors of checkers, a talented nail artist can create whatever your imagination conjures. In this post we have gathered up every save-worthy checkered nail for you. Whether you plan on hitting up your local salon or go the DIY route (be sure to brush up on how to paint your…

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    Nail Design & Makeup

    30 New Year’s nail ideas

    A difficult year is about to pass. Is the person who accompanied you last year for New Year’s Eve still? Anyway, mine is gone. Who will he spend the New Year with this year? I don’t know, I wish him happiness. No matter how you are going this year, As long as you are healthy and alive, you are successful. Let us run towards the new year with new hopes and new wishes. When you carefully choose New Year’s dresses and accessories, don’t forget to choose a New Year’s Eve nail for yourself. 1. Almond Colorful Nail This design expresses the festive atmosphere very well: Red, snowflake, garland.   2. Cool…

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    31 Best Square Nail Designs

    Nowadays women have been paid more attention into their nails. There are a lot of different shapes, colors, combinations, and themes that can be used on our nails. Everyone has their own taste and favorite style.There are almost no limits to the designs that you can do with your nails; nail designing has evolved so much that just painting and decorating your nails is not enough. Among some unique nail designs breaking the boundaries of nail arts and design is the square shape nail design. Here we have handpicked very beautiful 20 Square Nail Designs. In case you want to try some neat and elegant square nail, you may try these designs on your nails. Don’t hesitate, just try them immediately! They will make you feel…

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    21 Gorgeous Ombré Nail Ideas

    When ombré first become popular a decade ago, critics called it a fad. But the gradual transition from one color or shade to another is a style that has stood the test of time — ombré isn’t going anywhere. While ombre has been wildly popular in hair and couture, its whimsical gradient of tones – from shadow to light – is stylishly transforming nails in the same fashion. Ombre nails are the perfect option to chase away the winter blues and keep you feeling warm and they allow you to play with your favorite colors while keeping it classy. To create the gradient effect, you may need a sponge and…

  • Cute Square Nail Ideas ;square nail ideas ;nail ideas ;square nail ;nail ;#CuteSquareNailIdeas #square nailideas #nailideas #squarenail #nail
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    6 Cute Square Nail Ideas

    Nails art is more and more popular in resent years all over the world. Nails are like a small canvas, and manicurist’s job is drawing artistic paintings on “small canvas.” There are so many styles, colors and  patterns for chic woman to choose. You can choose glitter  power,  diamonds, or simple solid nail. If you like square nails or  nails with cute patterns, maybe you can try  the art ideas below. It would be our pleasure to get your likes.

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