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    20 Crude Wood Home Decor Ideas

    The unique features of crude wood home decor: – Clean and elegant; -Natural and concise; – Simple and free. Crude wood home decors throw the superficial glitz and show the inherent simplicity and elegance. The wood color is lighter and softer, which can make you feel closer to nature and relax. 1.Wooden Bathroom It feels like a sauna, and I think you can smell the fragrance of wood when you take a shower in such a bathroom. 2. Lattice wall and wood The simple design creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, which is suitable for small bathrooms. 3. Wooden Living Room The natural rocking chair and arched door design make the whole…

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    20 Awesome 90’s Cartoon Images

    When talking about the fashion trends of the 90’s, maybe denim button-down Western shirts, black leather jackets with shoulder pads, skater dresses, crimped hair and punk rock are very representative. And what impresses me most is the cartoons of the 90s. They accompanied my childhood and brought me a lot of joy. awesome cartoons. I still remember these good cartoons, such as Rugrats, The Tick, The Powerpuff Girls, Doug, X-Men, Sailor Moon and etc. Thanks to the explosion of creativity in the field of animation in the 90s, the 90s produced cartoon masterpieces that have stood the test of time. The cartoons you watched as a kid not only hold up today,…

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    Nail Design & Makeup

    43 Coolest Almond Nail Designs You Must Go For

    Now the decision about what nail shape to choose is far more complex. There are a whole host of new nail shapes to choose from and that is down to far more nail trends emerging that boast seriously creative nuances. What nail shape, for example, goes best with the light blush color of this season’s new themed nail look? Then there’s the question of what nail shape is best for your natural nail and finger shape? ‘What nail shape should I do?’ and ‘what are the best nail shapes for short/long nails?’ No matter you have long or short fingers, if your nail beds are narrow and long, you can…

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    Nail Design & Makeup

    38 Awesome Ballerina Nail Designs You’ll Love

    In this post I want to talk about the elegant, structured nails with the tapered toes and a flat edge-ballerina nails, which has been trend setter for a long while now. They have become part of the new “cool girl” high-fashion aesthetic. To create ballerina nails, you need to narrow the sides and your nail tips need to be flat. Ballerina nails work better with longer nails as the tips need length to flatten. In addition, when you taper the sides of your nails, you are taking away the nails support.  All colors look amazing with this nail shape and when we paint our nails, this shows off our character…

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    Hair Ideas

    20 Best Box Braids Hairstyles To Try

    If you’re after a fresh hairstyle that’s protective and stylish, look no further than box braids. Box braids are a protective hairstyle that is ideal for keeping natural hair healthy. Box braids can be any width and length, and they are all seriously chic and on-trend. This ’90s favourite has returned once again. As well as being protective, box braids are also low-maintenance, requiring minimal styling and washing. So, why not give them a go yourself? Currently, it’s not uncommon to see women with waist-length box braids. Even celebrities like, Alicia Keys, Eve, and Sanaa Lathan have joined in on the trend. Modern iterations decorated with beads, metallic thread, or…

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    53 Coolest Square Nail Designs You Must Love

    A fresh manicure or pedicure can always bring me a good mood and a happy day. I am used to changing the shape of my nails frequently. After all, it’s boring to always keep one nail shape. If you are tired of round shape, the square nail shape may be worth a try. As you know, square nails have come back to life and being more popular. In this post we have got the coolest, prettiest manicure ideas and designs to complement square nails—so get ready to pin ’em. 1.  Matte Pastel Nail Matte colors may look bored but this way combined with pastel colors and ingenious geometric design looks great and sweety.…

  • Best Almond Flowers Nail Designs ;Almond Flowers Nail Designs ;Almond Nail ;Flowers Nail #BestAlmondFlowersNailDesigns #AlmondFlowersNailDesigns #AlmondNail #FlowersNail
    Nail Design & Makeup

    14 Best Almond Flowers Nail Designs

    Almond flowers nails are a sleek, soft, and feminine look. The shape is a slightly tapered point that gives your fingers more length. They appear slightly thinner than with a simple round-shaped nail, but are more subtle than coffin and stiletto nails. The flower patterns are always lovely. Because everybody loves flowers, these gorgeous nail art designs are perennial. Because everybody loves flowers, these gorgeous nail art designs are perennial. While rainbow nails and neon peach tones are among the most popular requests this year, you can never go wrong with a delicate floral pattern. Find one that matches the season, the latest trends, or just your mood. 1. Abstract…

  • Nail Design & Makeup

    12 Fashionable Ballerina Rhinestone Nail Ideas

    Ballet and jewelry are women’s favorites. Ballet fully demonstrated the power of beauty and the beautiful curvaceous body of women. If you’ve ever watched the ballet, one of the most beautiful pieces of their style is the shoes. Owning a pair of ballet shoes is a childhood dream for many girls. No wonder ballerina nails are always popular. Gems, crystals, diamonds, these sparkling accessories have a fatal attraction to women. Many clothes and shoes are also designed with shiny elements, such as rhinestones. So rhinestones have become an indispensable decoration in nail art design. The combination design of ballerina’s nail with rhinestones look awesome, especially with long nails. Check out…

  • Modern French Ballerina Manicure Design-Ideas ;French Ballerina Manicure Design-Ideas ;French Ballerina Manicure ;Ballerina Manicure ;French Manicure ;Ballerina nail ;French nail #ModernFrenchBallerinaManicureDesign-Ideas #FrenchBallerinaManicure Design-Ideas #FrenchBallerinaManicure #BallerinaManicure #FrenchManicure #Ballerinanail #Frenchnail
    Nail Design & Makeup

    11 Modern French Ballerina Manicure Design-Ideas

    There is such a wide range of nail shapes to choose from, and they’re all gorgeous. We’ve given you almond striped nails, which is one of the most popular nail shapes. Next, we want to show you french ballerina manicure. This shape of nails is super glamorous and chic. The french manicure style is classic and elegant. Combining the two manicure types makes nails stand out, as does a variety of nail art techniques. 1. Nude And Black French Tip Nails French tip nails are so popular because the basic look is so classic and elegant. French tip manicures look good on everyone from young to old. With the French…

  • Interesting Acrylic Ballarina Nail Ideas ;Acrylic Ballarina Nail ;Ballarina Nail ;Acrylic Ballarina Nail ;Nails #InterestingAcrylicBallarinaNailIdeas #AcrylicBallarinaNail #BallarinaNail #AcrylicBallarinaNail #Nails
    Nail Design & Makeup

    12 Interesting Acrylic Ballarina Nail Ideas

    Acrylic manicures are renowned for their rock-solid durability and extra length, both of which allow for some pretty eye-catching nail art. They usually provide a more uniformed and longer-lasting manicured style that can last for weeks. Ballerina nails mimic that same graceful, elongated shape on your fingers. They are usually telling elegance like ballerina shoes. But have you ever imagined the effect of combining them with interesting patterns or elements? Ahead you’ll find 10 interesting acrylic ballarina nail ideas that are sure to turn heads. If one day you are on a whim and want to try unique interesting and creative nail designs. These ideas may inspire you. 1. Inspiration…

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