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    Nail Design & Makeup

    40 Best Nails Acrylic Almond Ideas

    The form of nails is the most important element of any manicure which sets the basic tone for the design. The almond is one of the most popular nail shapes of the moment, and it’s easy to understand. Even a romantic, gentle nude can look bold and defiant if you cover it with sharp nails like claws of a predator. The almond shape is elegant, sophisticated and utterly stylish. As such, it’s no wonder why more and more women are choosing the silhouette for their fingers. So, if you also want to try an almond shape for your nails, it’s time to select your favorite pattern and color. Here we’ve…

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    25 Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

    Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve got a hot Bumble date, are having a romantic dinner with your favorite one, or eating chocolate and pizza with your besties, February 14 is the ideal excuse to deck out your face with gorgeous makeup. Spend this Valentine’s day with your true love, makeup. Usually, Valentine’s Day calls for soft reds and pale pinks. With bold red lips, baby pink eye shadow, and of course plenty of dramatic eyeliner, these makeup looks are a romantic’s dream. Of course, you can also try some different ideas to create your style makeup, such as vampire, like a rich crimson lip, glitter cut crease, or even cold…

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    60 Super Trendy Nails For Spring 2020

    Most of us want to be trendy, be fashionable and modern, and fashion is changing all the time. Nails trend is also like this. Although someone said that french manicures are going to be BIG in 2020, you also can update it by trying to incorporate the most popular elements, the latest ideas and the boldest designs into nail patterns, the latest colors. And create the perfect nails as you like.For example,the first thing I thought after hearing that Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue was, “I should put that on my nails.” I think in spring, a fresh manicure is a perfect way to add a little something extra…

  • Valentine's Day nail ideas ;nail ideas ;Valentine's Day #Valentine'sDaynailideas ;nailideas ;Valentine'sDay
    Nail Design & Makeup

    Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

    Valentine Day is coming, whether you have a partner or not, it will come as expected. Are you ready for this festival. If you have a partner, besides preparing gifts for the one you love, maybe you have thought about picking out a suitable dress, matching your shoes and handbag to your dress to show your unique style. If you have not found a partner yet, then you should also think about your outfits in the day, because looking good makes you happy. Maybe you meet someone, and both of you fall in love at first sight, on the special day, you find your “prince charming”, it will be the…

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    6 Cute Square Nail Ideas

    Nails art is more and more popular in resent years all over the world. Nails are like a small canvas, and manicurist’s job is drawing artistic paintings on “small canvas.” There are so many styles, colors and  patterns for chic woman to choose. You can choose glitter  power,  diamonds, or simple solid nail. If you like square nails or  nails with cute patterns, maybe you can try  the art ideas below. It would be our pleasure to get your likes.

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    Nail Design & Makeup

    50+ Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas You’ll Absolutely Adore

    Valentine’s Day is getting closer. Maybe you have already been thinking about Valentine’s outfits, hairs and makeup. But have you thought about having a beautiful and Unique nails for the occasion? For Valentine’s Day, nails also are very important part to your finished look. Just like add some glitter, texture, and of course,lots of hearts for your romantic day. Here we found a couple of glamorous Valentine’s Day nail ideas. No matter what shape and color you like, any of these designs will have you feeling the love in on time. Stiletto matte nails Stiletto nails are super daring and bold. The cool shape nails have been painted in a…

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    40 Stylish and Beautiful Nails You Must Love

    In winter, our hands need more care than in summer. Although we put our hands in our pockets or wear gloves during the winter, this cannot be an excuse for rejecting beautiful and stylish nail art. Winter nail designs may differ from summer ones, Usually a mix of cool colour and matte will be a good choice, but at the same time there are no hard and fast rules, so you can choose the design of the nail according to your taste in winter, may be try some bright colors. No matter which styles you prefer, there is always something special for you personally, enjoy it!

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