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    29 Best Shiny Nails Images

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. In funny sarcastic sayings, or in songs, there is an opinion that women are crazy about the sparkle of stones, the flickering of jewelry and the luxurious glare of rhinestones. The pursuit of beauty is women’s natural instincts, so it is no wonder that women have a constant desire to show their beauty more. Therefore, so many fashionistas choose nails design with sparkles and stones. Fashion trends 2020 show the most interesting, exciting and extraordinary variations of brilliant nails design: there are amazing images with an abundance of all kinds of elements for decorating the nail plate, which will inspire you to create the truly luxurious nail design. Any color really…

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    28 Best Matte Nails Ideas

    Fashionable matte manicure is a great alternative to shiny glossy nails. A beautiful matte manicure looks great in a palette of gentle light and deep dark shades. It looks elegant and sophisticated. It emphasizes the well-groomed hands and gives the nails a velvet effect. Matte nails are gaining more and more admirers among fashionistas around the world for all seasons. After all, the matte effect is suitable for any season, in addition, it is combined with many advanced nail techniques. How beautiful a bright and colorful nail looks in a matte design, which is perfect for the summer. In spring, pastel colors with matte varnishes will delight you. In autumn, choose warm…

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    26 Elegant Black Nails Ideas

    No matter how fickle fashion is, there are some things that will always be in style-black is one of them.  Black is associated with mystery and elegance, which absorbs all colors, has always bewitched us. Opting for a black inspired nails art is a classy and chic option when looking to make a fashion statement with your fingers.  It is super classy and totally sexy and can suit about every outfit and occasion. There are hundreds of styles that you can choose from and incorporate the color black into. Whether you opt for a classy black and white nail art design or some bold colors like pink or gold, you…

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    20 Cute & Stylish Summer Nails

    Summer is my favourite season as it is full of activities and exciting adventures. People always associate summer with sun, blue sky and sea, fresh air, outdoor games. It is also the time when I discover some new and exciting places. So it’s a season for loosing. Nail art is a great way to wear the seasons latest colors and prints, beautiful nails will finish off all your summery outfits perfectly. Summer nails usually use bright colors and lively patterns so that they have more sunny looks. Yellow, bright pink, light blue are good choices. If you’re bored of the basic nail patterns like checks and stripes, try some animal-inspired looks,…

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    25 Latest Wedding Nail Ideas

    There is a special moment in the life of a girl when all the attention is paid to you and your luxurious white dress. And this moment is a wedding. Preparation for such an expected day is a big project: match the cream for the cake, try on several dresses and pick out the perfect one, choose the stylish and elegant wedding hairstyle, create the most romantic wedding venue…. we suggest that you consider one small but important detail – wedding nail. French nails goes well with an engagement ring and the identity of a bride. It’s proved by thousands of flaming hearts with the classic unity of the faded pink base with thin…

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    40 Best Tooth Gems Images

    You might have noticed that tooth gems are making a comeback. Models, musicians and normals are adhering tiny jewels known as tooth gems to their teeth. These teeny tiny temporary accessories attach to your front teeth as an accent nail for your grin. Tooth gems are only a few millimeters wide, but they can make your smile sparkling and more attractive. Do you love it or loathe it? Usually, a tooth gem can last anywhere between six months to a year, and it doesn’t interfere with brushing or your usual dental visits. Just don’t forget that they should  only ever be applied by a professional dentist, rather than a beauty…

  • 25 best glitter eye makeup ideas ;glitter eye makeup ;eye makeup ;makeup #25bestglittereyemakeupideas #glittereyemakeup #eyemakeup #makeup25 best glitter eye makeup ideas ;glitter eye makeup ;eye makeup ;makeup #25bestglittereyemakeupideas #glittereyemakeup #eyemakeup #makeup
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    24 Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas

    Do you want to be a stunning eye-catcher when you go to a holiday or a costume party? I think the answer will be “Yes”. As we know, glittering things attract people’s attention effortlessly. It is necessary to choose a beautiful and stylish party dress. But that is not enough. The perfect glitter eye makeup will make you seductive. Moreover, with the help of glitter eye dust, you will get glowing and brighter skin. You can do a glitter eye makeup with the light shadows such as green, blue or pink for a sparkly look as you like. Or try the glittering smoky makeup, black or purple shadows will work…

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    40 Best Nails Acrylic Almond Ideas

    The form of nails is the most important element of any manicure which sets the basic tone for the design. The almond is one of the most popular nail shapes of the moment, and it’s easy to understand. Even a romantic, gentle nude can look bold and defiant if you cover it with sharp nails like claws of a predator. The almond shape is elegant, sophisticated and utterly stylish. As such, it’s no wonder why more and more women are choosing the silhouette for their fingers. So, if you also want to try an almond shape for your nails, it’s time to select your favorite pattern and color. Here we’ve…

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    25 Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

    Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve got a hot Bumble date, are having a romantic dinner with your favorite one, or eating chocolate and pizza with your besties, February 14 is the ideal excuse to deck out your face with gorgeous makeup. Spend this Valentine’s day with your true love, makeup. Usually, Valentine’s Day calls for soft reds and pale pinks. With bold red lips, baby pink eye shadow, and of course plenty of dramatic eyeliner, these makeup looks are a romantic’s dream. Of course, you can also try some different ideas to create your style makeup, such as vampire, like a rich crimson lip, glitter cut crease, or even cold…

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    60 Super Trendy Nails For Spring 2020

    Most of us want to be trendy, be fashionable and modern, and fashion is changing all the time. Nails trend is also like this. Although someone said that french manicures are going to be BIG in 2020, you also can update it by trying to incorporate the most popular elements, the latest ideas and the boldest designs into nail patterns, the latest colors. And create the perfect nails as you like.For example,the first thing I thought after hearing that Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue was, “I should put that on my nails.” I think in spring, a fresh manicure is a perfect way to add a little something extra…

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