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    14 Unique White Nail Ideas

    When creating a look for your nails that is interesting and unique, consider white nail designs. The bright color makes your nails stand out. They look clean and cool, and great with any skin tone. There’s something refreshing about white nails. They often pair beautifully with fun and unique accent art. We have simple art, dazzling rhinestones, trendy patterns and more. Whatever styling you choose to go with, you can be sure that your new white nail design will be awesome. So take a look and see our 14 unique white nail design options to inspire your next look. 1.White And Gold Nail 2.Exaggerated Round Nail 3.White and Soft Lavender…

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    34 Stylish Square Nail Ideas

    Today we’re going to talk about square nails. The square nail shape is very popular in this year. You’re probably already familiar with square nails. Square nails are pretty straightforward. They come in a straight square shape with a flat tip. There are a lot of different colors, combinations. These nail shapes looks very neat and elegant. Not only that, but it also looks great with different nail lengths. If you love your manicures and need some new ideas for your next fresh set, take a look and see some stylish square nail for your next nail appointment. 1. Sexy Red Nail with Heart 2. Silver Glitter Nail 3. Checkerboard…

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    19 Unique Blue Nail Ideas For Your Next Mani

    If you’ve already started considering to add some color to your nails, blue is a good attempt. Are you excited for the blue skies and blues waters of summer?  I always seem to go for blue.It is looks beautiful on all nail lengths from short to long. If you want to make your nails stand out even more, you can create a ton of fun designs with it. Brighten up your look with a blue manicure. Blue nails will be perfect for the spring and summer. First, you will want to decide on what shade of blue you want to go for, navy Blue, baby blue or royal blue. Then, you…

  • Fashionable Jelly Nail Ideas ;Jelly Nail Ideas ;Jelly Nail Ideas ;Jelly Nail #FashionableJellyNailIdeas #JellyNailIdeas #JellyNailIdeas #JellyNail
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    16 Fashionable Jelly Nail Ideas

    The weather is getting warmer, and the bright, semi-translucent jelly fingernails are back in the sight of trendsetters. Jelly nails have sheer color and a little texture. You can do jelly nails on the natural nail or build out the acrylic nail with clear acrylic. If you Pair them with a glitter top coat, you will get gorgeous sparkling jelly nails. Syrup nail polish is also a good choice. They can create a gradient or vice versa. What is your favorite set of jelly nails you’ve done recently? If you don’t have an idea, keep scrolling and get ready to your satisfied design. Tip1: Jelly nails are see-through, so your natural nails…

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    30 Cute And Unique Short Round Nail Ideas To Copy

    Short nails have been around since ancient times, classic round nails combine short lengths with curved edges and tips. Though there may be times when you’d want sexy stiletto nails or feminine almond nails. But nothing beats the classics! And round nails are also considered to be safer than long nails because they are easier to file down. For both class and exquisite style, you can’t go wrong with short round nails. In a word, they’re classic and reliable. Why you should try round nails? Round nails make for a very soft, natural look that’s easy to maintain. And if you thought that short nails are plain and boring, keep…

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    30 Cute And Pretty Pink Nail Designs

    From your many times manicure experience, it must have been pink once. Nothing beats pink when it comes to choosing nail designs for everyday wear. Pink is synonymous with tenderness, femininity and sweetness. Light pinks are perfect when you need a solid color that goes with almost anything in your wardrobe, while hot pinks are great for summer and for attracting attention. Glitter is always a girl’s favorite choice. Nothing pairs better with a sweet pink nail color than different kinds of glitter. If you want to enhance the effect of sparkle, you can add large foils or shiny Rhinestones to your design. Below, we’ve featured our favorite pink nail…

  • Amazing Spring Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Manicure ;Amazing Spring Nail Designs ;Amazing Spring Nail ;Spring Nail ;Inspire Your Next Manicure ;Nail #AmazingSpringNailDesignstoInspireYourNextManicure #AmazingSpringNailDesigns #AmazingSpringNail #SpringNail #InspireYourNextManicure #Nail
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    23 Amazing Spring Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Manicure

    Spring just around the corner. Maybe you’ve started on dreaming about sunnier times and thinking about the impressive spring nail-art designs and manicures we’re going to try in the coming months.It is time to replace winter nails with a fresh manicure that’s a bit more cheery and colorful. I put together a collection of my favorite designs.Let these cool and colorful spring nail designs serve as inspiration.Ahead, you’ll find 23 amazing nail ideas, include a wide range of spring styles, from pinks to dark floras— Happy spring! 1.Baby Pink & flower You can choose pastel pinks to show off your spring joy. 2.3D Floral Nail When you think of spring,…

  • Gorgeous French Tip Nails ;French Tip Nails ;French Tip #GorgeousFrenchTipNails ,#FrenchTipNails ,#FrenchTip
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    18 Gorgeous French Tip Nails

    French tip nails are classic and elegant designs that have never gone out of fashion. Probably because french manicure can go along with anything you wear, the staying power of the French manicure is undeniable. But if you feel simple designs lack creativity, why not try to put a colorful twist to it with a more modern version of the manicure? Upgrade your simple classic French with a sophisticated design. You can keep them simple or jazz them up. If you looking for gorgeous French tip nails to put a modern twist to a classic French manicure, then take a look at our french tip nails collection and get inspired! 1.Glitter…

  • Creative Red Nail Ideas ;Red Nail Ideas ;Red Nail #CreativeRedNailIdeas ,#RedNailIdeas ,#RedNail
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    37 Creative Red Nail Ideas

    The color red means sexy, emotions, and more feminine and is associated with danger, power as well as passion, desire, and love. Red lips and red nails are always sexy! Red has been one of the most popular manicure colors of all time, and that isn’t changing any time soon.The red color shade can be traditional and trendy, elegant and sensational. It molds to whatever style you’re looking for that day. But in any case, it is still beyond time and fashion, and new trends keep on fully revealing its originality day by day. We found so many beautiful and creative red nail colors and nail designs that I had…

  • Fashion & Cute Bowknot Nail ;Bowknot Nail ;Nail #Fashion&CuteBowknotNail #BowknotNail #Nail
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    36 Fashion & Cute Bowknot Nail

    As an important decoration, bowknots have always been associated with feminine beauty. If you are a woman who loves to change up her manicure and wants something modern and fun, consider add cute bowknot to your manicure. You can experiment with various lengths and shapes. So take a scroll through 36 of my favorite bowknot nail ideas, straight from my bookmarks folder, to help inspire your next mani. 1.White Bowknot Simple white bowknot look even cuter when done up with random graffiti. 2.Chanel and Rhinestones Chanel’s dress designing and the addition of rhinestones is very suitable for formal occasions. 3.Soft Purple Nail artist put together this purple manicure with flower…

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