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    40 Sofa Layout Ideas

    Currently, the living room becomes the real face of an apartment. So how to arrange living room is very important. No matter hall plays a role in creating a relaxation environment, or it will be a bedroom at night. The sofa is where most people spend their time when in the living room. You need to choose the right style of sofa and arrange it correctly. How to arrange it properly to create a comfortable, functional and beautiful living room? It is better to start planning the arrangement with the main style and color of your apartment. For instance, if you enjoy hosting regular movie nights with friends, you may want a…

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    30 Wonderful Embroidery Patterns

    Humans have been practicing the art of embroidery since eons. In ancient times,embroidery became a representation of one ‘s status in society and class. It gained popularity and was adorned by rich people. At the present time,we rarely wear embroidered clothes and accessories. As the pace of society increases, life seems to be speeding up everywhere: we talk of “fast food” and “speed dating”. People are under increasing work stress. Sometimes we need to slow down in order to be faster and more nimble. So modern embroidery more as a way to relax and disconnect, increasingly stressed. Modern hand embroidery is an incredibly relaxing and meditative art form. Stitch by stitch…

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    40 Inspiring Wall Design Ideas For Living Room

    We spend most of the time with family members, friends or computers in our living room , so there is nothing like crafting a well-designed living room that is suitable for enjoying family time, chatting with friends, or working in front of a computer. It will be perfect if we can create a functional and comfortable living room. The design of living room sets the tone for the rest of your home’s decor. For the living room, Wall design is one of the best places to show your design aesthetic by experimenting with color palettes, layers of texture and patterns. It’s meant to be comfortable, inviting, and full of style.…

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    16 Valentine’s Day Bedroom Decor Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. It is a day of celebration of love among lovers or couples. On this special day, you might think of the past memories when you made a promise that you will never leave your partner till death does you both apart. This is an auspicious moment, one could re-unite with their respective partners, forgetting everything else and putting your partner at the center of your attention.With that in mind, now it is time to get started with your preparations for the big night. Yes, booking a table for the night definitely comes first, but getting your bedroom ready is not something…

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    9 Design Ideas For Living Room

    Living room in the house is the place of receiving guests. However, the owners  relax here themselves, spending time in front of a TV or behind a book,  relaxing on a couch chatting with family members while drinking wine… Therefore, the living room should be the most comfortable place in your home. If your family consists of several people, it is important to consider the interests of each. It is possible that for some families, when designing the living room in the apartment, they have to consider that, family member need a place for working at a computer, doing creative work, even sports. All these points need to be planned at the…

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    Valentine Decoration Ideas

    If you really fall in love with someone, you must want to let him know in a special and memorable way, have exclusive memories which belong to you only. This is the meaning of celebrating Valentine’s Day, because everyone has their loved ones, and people need to express how much happiness they feel in this close relationship, and the deeply love to their lover. On Valentine’s Day, you can DIY some decorations for your home to create romantic feeling, maybe add some pictures,photos or adorable things which can evoke exclusive memories which belong to you and the one you loved only. Here we found sweetly Valentine Decoration Ideas for you…

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    20+ Valentine’s Day Bottle Ideas

    Valentine Day’day recalls romantic moments in life, dream about fulfilling wishes, makes you think how good it is that the one your love is near you. At this moment you might realize that it is a great day to tell the loved one how they are important to you. And at the same time you will feel young, beloved and confident in the future. So, besides gifts, flowers, what else things can evoke your feeling of love and happiness? I  suggest creative HOME DECOR, which can make romantic atmosphere.  Maybe the bottle decoration is a good choice.It will add more interest to your room. Moreover, the bottles are easy to…

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    14 Easy Flower Arrangement Ideas

    As a decorator said in an interview, there are three things  always can bring happiness to our life: flowers, children, pets. And Valentine’s Day is coming soon.Therefore, in our Valentine’s Day selection for home decor- flower arrangements. Remember, you don’t need to be a professional florist to put together a creative bouquet.All sorts of people with varying skill levels find that arranging flowers is fun and therapeutic.No matter what  flowers you choose for your favorite vases or other containers, as long as you like, they can make your home lively. Especially in winter, when the sun shines through the window and the flowers, it will be a warm picture. It…

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    80+ Valentine’s Day Flowers Ideas

    The most romantic holiday of the year is Valentine’s Day. What to say about the girls – they are all romantics, and it will be pleasant for everyone to receive at least a bouquet of flowers as a gift, of course, not only flowers. The most popular bouquets are in red colors. It can be bouquets of red roses, you can choose a bouquet of one type of roses, also you can combine and make a bouquet of  roses with different colors. For example, to collect a bouquet in the shape of a heart, it can be a heart of red roses, and with pink ones in the middle. Or use different packaging materials…

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