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    8 Modern Kid’s Bedroom Ideas

    What was your dream bedroom like when you were a kid, interstellar space or dream castle? I think every child wants a colorful, creative, and undeniably cool bedroom. If you are looking for something more modern, check out our inspired ideas for decorating boys rooms and girls rooms. 1.Loft Boys Bedroom Loft design is more efficient in using space.On the basis of ensuring safety, the application of grid not only increases fun, but also has better lighting and ventilation effects. 2.Princess Bedroom The design of the white wall cabinet increases the storage function. After all, girls need a lot of space,yeah, yeah,never enough. 3.Functional children’s playroom A fun spot to…

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    14 Stylish and Inspiring Neutral Living Room Ideas

    Bright solid shades are popular and with them you can easily create a distinctive room. But many home owners prefer to keep their rooms neutral. A neutral color scheme has a lot of advantages: lighter, earthier, and more expressive and neutrals never go out of style. Is there anything more calming than looking at these neutral living rooms? If you love warm browns, beige tones, and creamy whites, then this post is for you! 1. Modern Living Room Neutrals don’t always mean white and cream, You can try other colors and shades such as shades of grey, taupe, green and various wood stains. The taupe carpet is a nice fit. 2. Chic Contemporary Living Room Neutral-clad living…

  • Best Log Living Room Decor Ideas ;Log Living Room Decor Ideas ;Living Room Decor Ideas ;Log Home Decor Ideas ;Home Decor #BestLogLivingRoomDecorIdeas #LogLivingRoomDecorIdeas #LivingRoomDecorIdeas #LogHomeDecorIdeas #HomeDecor
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    21 Best Log Style Living Room Decor Ideas

    The living room is the centerpiece of any home. Cozy, laid back, comfortable, welcoming—nothing says come and sit awhile more than a log rustic living room.  Create a rustic look is easy. It starts with a mix of textures and materials such as wood and metal furniture paired with leather and natural linen covered seating, and marble or stone wall decoration. For homeowners looking to incorporate log decorative elements to into their living room design, these stylish living rooms deliver chic decorating ideas to help you transform any room into your own ideal retreat. 1. Rustic Wooden Bar Counter Matte gray-black painted bar counter and stools and coffee table with clean lines blend perfectly with the gray…

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    16 Cool Dark Living Room Ideas

    Before decorating a space, I always start by considering the natural light. And I have never dared to try dark home decor schemes, because it is very likely to get a dull, dreary or dated room.So how to use paint ideas and design tricks to create cozy and stylish space is very important. Darker colors act as a great backdrop behind a bright contemporary painting or antique tapestry, making pieces stand out dramatically.So think about where your most treasured and stand-out piece of art is, and use a dark wall to make it pop.’ recommends Kelly Wearstler. All of these living rooms prove that dark colors can work with all style, in any sized…

  • Luxury Grey Living Room Decor Ideas ;Grey Living Room Decor Ideas ;Grey Living Room ;Grey Home Decor Ideas ;Home Decor #LuxuryGreyLivingRoomDecorIdeas #GreyLivingRoomDecorIdeas #GreyLivingRoom #GreyHomeDecorIdeas #HomeDecor
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    17 Luxury Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

    Grey is a hue perfectly understated, making your furniture look contemporary sans large risks in design. Grey living room ideas are hugely popular. You can easily achieve a cool, up-to-date edge living rooms with different grey styles as your inspiration. If you need to revamp your living room and choose grey as the main tone, it is very important to find out the right grey for your living room ideas. Greys look different in different light and different size rooms so we have created some groups of colors that each have a distinctive luxury character. 1. Log and Grey Log and grey will create a rustic, artfully perfect look. Choose blinds curtains and brown curtains to make calm and…

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    15 Brown Home Decor Ideas

    Brown is a neutral color that fits in with various combinations; Brown room decor is a unique and beautiful way to add some warmth to any room ideas. There’s something just so cozy and inviting about a home decorated with warm shades of brown. Neutral tones are the perfect backdrop color no matter what your design style is like. The photos and ideas below will actually enlighten you about this option and why you should choose it. 1. Light Brown Balcony Many designers and artists use brown colors to create impressive blends and look. So choosing a beautiful brown to use in your home really sets the foundation for your…

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    10 Individual Bathroom Ideas

    I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. My life and work have changed a lot in the past six months. Life will indeed teach us many things and will teach us to grow. Although we reject it in our hearts, we still change in the temper of life. I hope you can all become what you want to be, be the master of life. With so many extra words, take a look at the beautiful bathroom pictures I have collected for you. 1.Separating Wet and Dry Zones Half-walls prevent the water from splashing around your bathroom while still not looking as invasive. For bathrooms that are not very…

  • Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas ;Bathroom Design Ideas ;Bathroom # BrilliantBathroomDesignIdeas #BathroomDesignIdeas #Bathroom
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    28 Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas

    Compared with the design of the bedroom and the living room, the design of the bathroom does not seem to receive much attention. But we also spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so it’s only right that we should make them into a simply gorgeous and tidy place to be. Bold tile, a free-standing tub, graphic wallpaper, and modern toilet designs come in all shapes and sizes, to suit spaces and budgets both large and small. Lighting is also an integral piece of the puzzle when designing a bathroom retreat, as light can change the mood of a space. To spark some creativity in your own home, we’ve…

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    50+ Loft Design Ideas

    Lofts become the choice of more and more people for so many reasons, they are special in feel and sought-after spaces for city living. It is the perfect chance to punctuate your unique style with a final flourish from the high ceilings to the spacious layouts. But decorating it also a challenge, for example, creating privacy, making the most of this small space for resting your head at night. In this post we will show you 50+ loft decorating ideas to help you make a cavernous space feel cozy and creative. 1. Industral Elegance 2. Playful Contemporary Touches 3. Cool Minimalist Style 4. Mysterious Taste 5. Colorful Dreamy Feeling 6.…

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    10 Individual Living Room Ideas

    When it comes to home, I think of a haven, best place to relax. Maybe because of being in a foreign country for too long, I really want to return to that safe haven. Everyone will feel homesick when they are helpless and fail. So in order to better relax, rest or heal the pain in the heart, we need to decorate our home as we like. After all, that is the home of our hearts. We hope it can help you create an exclusive personality space. 1. “Oxygen Bar” I earn to have my own territory in the forest, plant flowers and grass, away from the city’s hustle and…

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