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    20 Best Box Braids Hairstyles To Try

    If you’re after a fresh hairstyle that’s protective and stylish, look no further than box braids. Box braids are a protective hairstyle that is ideal for keeping natural hair healthy. Box braids can be any width and length, and they are all seriously chic and on-trend. This ’90s favourite has returned once again. As well as being protective, box braids are also low-maintenance, requiring minimal styling and washing. So, why not give them a go yourself? Currently, it’s not uncommon to see women with waist-length box braids. Even celebrities like, Alicia Keys, Eve, and Sanaa Lathan have joined in on the trend. Modern iterations decorated with beads, metallic thread, or…

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    27 Latest Hair Color Ideas

    It’s always exciting to try the latest hair color. Changing the color of your hair can get you out of a rut. If you’ve been eyeing a certain hair color for a while now – go for it. How to choose the right hair color? Usually, first of all, determine whether you have cool or warm skin tone.Undertones go beyond the general color of your skin. They’re separated into three categories; warm, cool and neutral. Warm undertones tend to lean towards peachy, yellow or golden tones; cool undertones mean your skin has hints of pink, red or blue; while neutral is a mixture of these colors. Skin Tone Best Hair…

  • Latest Chinese Long Curly Hair ideas and best Curly Hair Tips ;Chinese ;Long Curly Hair ideas ;best Curly Hair Tips ;Curly Hair ;Curly Hair Tips ;Hair ideas ;Long Curly Hair ;#LatestChineseLongCurlyHairideasandbestCurlyHairTips #Chinese #LongCurlyHairideas #bestCurlyHairTips #CurlyHair #CurlyHairTips #Hairideas #LongCurlyHair #
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    20+ Latest Chinese Long Curly Hair ideas and best Curly Hair Tips

    Curly hair is unique, it bends and curves and coils, which comes in many different shapes and styles with different look like lovely, playful, elegant, or even wild. Because of all the twists and turns, it can be fragile and delicate. Curly girls know that having a good curly hair day is so much harder than it looks. They often experience low levels of moisture.Curls can be unpredictable, unruly, and difficult to control, and there are days when your wild curls probably feel less than enviable. In essence, curly hair is thirsty hair.Here are smart hair care tips for caring for all kinds of natural curls. The difference between fighting with your…

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    20+ Braided Hairstyles for chic woman

    Braided hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyle all over the world for thousands of years, and you can see  women who wear braids almost everywhere, in the office, at a party, at school, in the gym, or even a wedding. It’s suitable for almost every occasion from incredibly intricate patterns to simple plaits. Replicate a unique and artistic beauty impression with these selections and add a dose of special style with one of the hottest hair trend.

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