Wonderful Embroidery Patterns ;Embroidery Patterns ;Embroidery #WonderfulEmbroideryPatterns #EmbroideryPatterns #Embroidery
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30 Wonderful Embroidery Patterns

Humans have been practicing the art of embroidery since eons. In ancient times,embroidery became a representation of one ‘s status in society and class. It gained popularity and was adorned by rich people.

At the present time,we rarely wear embroidered clothes and accessories. As the pace of society increases, life seems to be speeding up everywhere: we talk of “fast food” and “speed dating”. People are under increasing work stress. Sometimes we need to slow down in order to be faster and more nimble. So modern embroidery more as a way to relax and disconnect, increasingly stressed.

Modern hand embroidery is an incredibly relaxing and meditative art form. Stitch by stitch you’re able to disconnect and concentrate on the growing embroidery piece in your hands. The feel of the fabric in one’s hands and the rhythmic movement of the needle in and out of the cloth is captivating. Our brains are happy. So it’s a good way to increase dopamine levels naturally. And it’s so satisfying to watch a picture come to life as they are finished.

Moreover, learning embroidery is not difficult, and it don’t cost a lot of time and money. It’s actually an easy and inexpensive hobby to jump into! Here we’ve found 30 wonderful embroidery patterns to inspire you.

Wonderful Embroidery Patterns ;Embroidery Patterns ;Embroidery #WonderfulEmbroideryPatterns #EmbroideryPatterns #Embroidery

Wonderful Embroidery Patterns ;Embroidery Patterns ;Embroidery #WonderfulEmbroideryPatterns #EmbroideryPatterns #Embroidery

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