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12 Fashionable Ballerina Rhinestone Nail Ideas

Ballet and jewelry are women’s favorites. Ballet fully demonstrated the power of beauty and the beautiful curvaceous body of women. If you’ve ever watched the ballet, one of the most beautiful pieces of their style is the shoes. Owning a pair of ballet shoes is a childhood dream for many girls. No wonder ballerina nails are always popular. Gems, crystals, diamonds, these sparkling accessories have a fatal attraction to women. Many clothes and shoes are also designed with shiny elements, such as rhinestones. So rhinestones have become an indispensable decoration in nail art design. The combination design of ballerina’s nail with rhinestones look awesome, especially with long nails.

Check out these 12 glamorous bling ballerina rhinestone nail art designs you’re sure to love.

1. Butterfly Theme

These chains of rhinestones are not only added for a sparkle effect. They separate the different colors and patterns on the shade and Make the combination of different patterns and colors look orderly.

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2. Violet And Willow Leaves

Super long violet nails get a fun and funky update with these willow leaves blowing in the breeze. It’s a dramatic, yet classic manicure style.


3. Long Yellow Orange Ombre Manicure

These long ballerina nails look great with a ombre matte design and luxurious rhinestones. The stitching of butterfly patterns adds brilliant colors to nail art. Pair these together for a gorgeous visual impact.


4. Transparent Nails With Graffiti

The graffiti on the transparent nail art is very beautiful artwork, a beautiful combination of rhinestones added for a sparkle effect. This is a passionate and stylish design.


5. Ultra Long Pink, Glitter, Rhinestones

If you’ve ever watched the ballet, one of the most beautiful pieces of their style is the shoes. Those pretty pink shoes we all wish we had are the inspiration for these ballerina shaped nails. Add the pink shade glitters and sparkle rhinestones with your favorite shape and pattern.

6. Green, Ombre, Smoky Nails

This manicure is the opposite of neutral. Bring all that springtime glory into your manicure with a sunny, bright green tip that fades into an nude nail base. Attach small rhinestones to the bottom of the accent nails in a chain shape for a manicure that gives a bit of sparkle and a lot of carefree fun.


7. Red Wine Matte Ballerina Manicure

Mat nails are worn for a couple of seasons. This is a very beautiful red wine, and the golden rhinestones add an aristocratic touch to the nails.


8. White Glitter Ballerina Nail

These nails remind me of the Snow Queen. Long, narrow, always modern neutral colors, with lots of rhinestones.


9. 3D Flower Ombre Ballerina Nail

Rhinestones will instantly glam up your nails. These sparkly little gems come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors so the designs that can be created are endless. We love nail designs with rhinestones and 3D flowers.


10. Yellow Ombre Ballerina Nail

This is a very luxurious manicure, we can see bright yellow tones that are very popular for several seasons. Somewhat reminds me on India and its sumptuous side, I must admit. Rhinestones enrich the whole manicure, a great contribution is giving the ring on half finger.


11. 3D Flower Ombre Ballerina Nail

Nails are one of the easiest ways to wear bold colors and the shades of the season. A great color for the summer is vibrant pink and as you can see it looks amazing on nails. You can wear it with glitters and add some rhinestones as you like. A design like this is perfect for the ladies who want a sparkly, statement making look.


12. White Ballerina Nail

The long nails feature a light shade with silver glitter and stunning rhinestone designs. Nails like these are a great choice for a special occasion like a party, prom or a wedding.

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