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10 Healthy Lunches For Your Training Goal

Fitness is considered the most popular way for losing weight with the help of diets, and by combining both methods you can achieve the goal: getting rid of excess weight.  However, the “usual” diet or weight loss diet with the help of fitness – is far from building the perfect body. If you want to “build” a perfect body, besides limiting calories or the elements, you need a special fitness diet menu. The main rule for losing weight is fractional nutrition: 4-5 times a day, as well as keeping water balance. Get enough water or not will directly affect the result of training.

Sample workout breakfast’s nutritional menu: a glass of warm water with half a spoon of honey. After half an hour – fried eggs without oil or scrambled eggs with tomato. It is important to remember that if the training is scheduled for the morning, you need to have breakfast no earlier than 1.5 hours after its completion. If fitness is scheduled for the afternoon, then in 2-3 hours you’d better have lunch, and have an afternoon snack an hour before class, dinner – 2 hours after. Well, if you go to the gym late in the evening, it is better to have dinner in advance, after a late workout dinner is not recommended.

Sample menu breakfast on non-training days Breakfast: a glass of water with honey after waking up. 30 minutes after : a serving of cottage cheese with berries or whole-cereal flakes with pieces of fresh fruit and berries.Snack: 100 ml of natural yogurt, 100-150 grams of fruit (excluding banana and grapes)Lunch:light vegetable soup, a 1 cup serving of brown or wild rice \ boiled buckwheat \ chickpea steamed with vegetable salad, 100-150 grams of chicken or fish.Snack: 50 grams of nuts or some carrot salad with olive oil. Dinner: steamed fish with vegetables or tuna salad. 1.5-2 hours before bedtime, you can drink nonfat yogurt.
Here are 10 healthy lunch recipes. We hope it will be helpful to you!

Fitness diets ;Fitness ;Healthy Lunches For Your Training Goal ;Healthy Lunches ;Lunch ;Health ;#Fitnessdiets #Fitness #HealthyLunchesForYourTrainingGoal #Healthy Lunches #Lunch #Health

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